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Fancy a car while studying here? But you dont know how. Here is it.

It's not difficult, but if you don't know the requirements and the procedure, it will be painful and time consuming. Thank God, I have friends with me during the car procurement time.

Where to buy car? From a local trade shop or from Free Trade Zone in Zarga'. If you are a student and wanted to use your eligibility of exempting the tax, buy your car from Free Trade Zone. We bought one from a showroom in the Free Trade Zone. An old car, Hyundai Avante model 1996 costs you around 1500JD or 2000USD without tax. A newer car like Mitsubishi Lancer model 2009 costs about 8000JD without tax, there are many cars there, you can choose which one you like.

The first thing you must have to purchase a car in either place is a valid Jordanian driving licence. Either you enter a driving school, have training session and sit for the test which costed you around 150JD or you can convert your original Malaysian CDL to Jordanian licence which costed you about 200JD.

Step 1: Converting a Malaysian driving licence to Jordanian driving licence

This procedure is done in Idarah Tarkhis in Marka, Amman. Before going to that place, you need to have a letter of permission for converting a licence from Ministry of Interior. To get the letter of permission, you must go to Internal Circle in Amman, where Ministry of Interior is located, and submit an application in the office called Qism Qiyadah wa Salamat as-Seer. To submit the application, you must bring with you your 1) passport, 2) your visa, 3) your original valid driving licence, 4) a translation of the driving licence done in any Maktab Tarjeem and  5) photocopies of all the items mentioned including the translation. There you will meet a person responsible for this thing and get the letter in the noon if you come early in the morning. Here no money is involved yet.

After you get the letter of permission, the next day (preferably) you must go early morning to the Idarah Tarkhis at Marka. Here you must bring two passport sized photos and the aforementioned money and letter. Not to forget your passport and visa (they are your life lines, bring them with you all of the time!). You will fill a form and do some walking exercise here to go to several buildings to get the form filled.

Then at the end of the day you will have a Jordanian driving licence valid for 10 years!

Step 2: Get the university student tax exemption letter 

To fully utilise the eligibility of tax exemption when buying the car, you must get the proof of study and a letter for tax exemption from your university. Go to the International Student Office, fill a form for Ijraat Idkhal Sayaroh Muaqqatah. Here you need an original copy of Isbat Tolib Li Jamaarik from Student Affair and a photocopy of your passport.

The next day or two, it will be completed and you have a letter from the President of the university proving that you are a foreign student. An important thing to make sure here is the letterhead must meant to be delivered to Director of Jordanian Custom.

Step 3: Buy a car

This step is the most important one. Go to Free Trade Zone in Zarga and ping a car there. Pay for the car price and get a proof of purchase from the company.

Step 4: Get tax exemption letter

After you have a letter from the university, Jordanian licence, and a proof of car purchase, you need to go to Jumrak Amman located in Balad Amman for a letter that permit you to bring in a car using student name. Here they will give a letter of permission meant to be read by FTZ Custom to enable the process of transit of the car to Jumrak Ammah located in Medan Jamarik in Amman(a different place from Jumrak Amman).

Step 5: Transit

Here you will need a Mukhollis in FTZ to do for you. He will arranged documents for the transit of the car from FTZ to Jumrak Ammah. Here process need 1 full day from early in the morning. You will need to pay some fees here for the mukhollis and the Customs and for the insurance.

After that, you will get a transit number plate for your car. Then you need to drive the car by yourself to Jumrak Ammah in Amman and put the car there for the Custom release process there. You will be assigned a Mukhollis here (different one). He will guide you through out the process.

Step 6: Get a trip ticket

Trip ticket is a book which acts as guarantor for the car. You must get someone old, syeikh, leader of tribe who have a land or a house to be a guarantor for the trip ticket. Ask your mukhollis. This is very time consuming if you dont have one. This is the trickiest part.

Step 7: Get number plate for the car

I assume you have all the needed documents inclusing the trip ticket. Your mukhollis will guide you to have your number plate given by the custom to you. Once you have the number plate then the car is ready to go home!

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